Module Sizes And Engineering

Fresco Frames Modules are available in a number of flexible sizes. Our modules are available in door, drawer and appliance providing an abundant of storage.
Our appliance modules will house single & double beverage fridges, dishwashers and other appliances. All Modules are equipped with steel levelling feet and a steel tab plate that supports stone and end panels. The benefit of our unique levelling feet system means that stone end panels do not require scribing to the fall of paving and floors. All end panels sit square and are supported on a galvanised steel plate.

Fresco Frames are kicker free which allows water to drain effectively and allow air to flow under the kitchen, so paving and decking boards can dry, removing the risk of mould, mildew and rotting of floors. Our levelling feet allow full adjustability and will house a number of appliances within the frame, providing full steel structure for benchtops.

All our modules will support multiple hundreds of kilograms of weight, making it one of the safest outdoor kitchen structures on the market today.

10 Year External Cabinet Warranty

We are confident that our products are able to survive even the toughest weather conditions

25 Year Structural Warranty

We are confident that our products are able to survive even the toughest weather conditions

European Style

Our Outdoor Kitchens Modules provide cutting edge European-style and finishes

Module Widths

Our modules come in a range of flexible widths:


  • 375mm – Counter Module
  • 680mm – Counter Module (Door, Drawer, Appliance)

Module Heights

Our modules are available in 3 heights:

  • 915mm – Counter Modules
  • 651mm – Grill Base
  • 420mm – Storage Bench Modules


Our Design Registered Multi Channel system now allows our frames to be set in number of flexible width sizes.

Our Clever multi-channel extends to a number of specified lengths which allows to set the module to a required length to house a combination of modules, appliances, and BBQs.

Brands Our Modules Work With


Turbo 4
Turbo 5
Grand Turbo 4
Grand Turbo 6
Turbo 4 + 2


Signature Series 4 burner
Signature Series 5 burner
Proline series –
Signature 5 SL4000
Signature 6 SL4000
Signature 200 series 4 Burner
Signature 200 series 5 burner


Ambassador 4 Burner
Ambassador Deluxe


Weber family Q Built in
Summit 4 burner


Charcoal with rotisseries

Universal Grill Bases

Fresco Frames revolutionary systems can work with most built in BBQs. Our design registered multi cross channel system allows us to widen and shorten the width of the frame by 23mm increments. This allows our systems to be adjusted to most BBQ cut out dimensions thus allowing you to insert your favourite grill brand.

Our Multi Channel systems are paired with our universal PVC cabinets to allow the cabinet to be set to the custom module size. Our Multi Channel systems come with a our adjustable doors allowing the door to be made to custom size on-site. Perfect for tailored kitchens.

Multi Channels come in 2 sizes. Small and Large.

That’s why we are considered as the World’s most advanced outdoor kitchen systems.

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