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Your dream outdoor kitchen is just few steps away. Through advanced technology and luxurious craftsmanship the most exceptional outdoor kitchen has been created.

Welcome to KUBE by Fresco Frames. Experience our impressive New KUBE outdoor kitchen designs, with quality in every centimeter thanks to the use of our high-quality design registered Australian aluminium skeletal frame.

KUBE is total weather resistant and compliant to Australian and New Zealand standards AS/NZS 5601.1: 2013 Appendix C materials and outdoor rated German hardware systems. Behind our doors and drawers of the cabinets that make up the foundation of the KUBE outdoor kitchen system, there are various functionalities and a choice of appliances and BBQ options. Let your creativity work its way through a plethora of interior features such as fridges, dishwashers, ice cube makers BBQs head and flexible storage such as inner drawer systems, wire ware and pantry systems to complete your outdoor kitchen.

Discover the sublime engineering and distinctive outdoor kitchen design combined with high-quality materials, and experience the tranquil beauty of what KUBE offers. Achieving the ideal balance of design and functionality is driven by over 15 year of experience of making a range of outdoor kitchens and products. KUBE boasts a contemporary design and is a luxurious outdoor kitchen that features exclusive elements and its structure is constructed using the highest quality materials.

You can choose every detail, every functionality, and the final design of your outdoor kitchen since all modules are flexible and customisable. Stand out from the crowd with our cutting edge designs.

10 Year External Cabinet Warranty

We are confident that our outdoor kitchens are able to survive even the toughest weather conditions

25 Year Structural Warranty

Our outdoor kitchens some with a 25 year structural warranty for peace of mind

European Style

Our Outdoor Kitchens Modules provide cutting edge European-style and finishes

The Design Possibilities Are Endless

Our Outdoor Kitchens Modules, provide cutting edge European-style and finishes, and are designed to accommodate a huge range of outdoor appliances regardless of the brand, including; Grills, Refrigerators, Sinks, Pizza Ovens, Smokers, Side burners, and wine coolers. Ultimately, transforming outdoor cooking and living experience.
Your Fresco Frames Outdoor Kitchen should reflect your lifestyle, regardless of how you like to cook or entertain. We are Australia’s premier outdoor kitchen manufacturer and we are dedicated to helping you design the outdoor kitchen you’ve always dreamed of!
For more information on our range of outdoor kitchen solutions, please contact us.

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